Pundits Predictions – Season 1


by @TO_Ldn_Mcr

Here at Madden OOH media, we have gathered together best madden analysts (…plus Oli) to give you punters some recommendations before you head over to Honest Jimmy’s for the latest season 1 odds.

Throughout the season we will have a running competition between the 3 anal-yst’s and the winner gets to take Oli’s girlfriend out for a nice seafood dinner (and then never call her again).

With such a hotly contested prize up for grabs (literally) we can only sit and watch it unfold! Each correct pick;

  • for a division winner – 15 points
  • picking playoff team correctly (e.g pick wildcard but wins division) – 10 points
  • picking self but not correctly – minus 15 points
  • picking winner of game week to week – 1 point

Lets see that they say!

Division Oli Tom TO
AFC East Bills – Jimmy  Bills – Jimmy Bills – Jimmy
AFC North Ravens –Pack Al  Bengals – Wayne Browns – Craig
AFC West Chargers – SC  Chargers – SC Chargers – SC
AFC South Colts – Tom  Texans – Shane Titans – Paul
AFC Wildcards Chiefs – Oli & Bengals – Wayne  Ravens – Pack Al & Patriots – James Chiefs – Oli & Colts – Tom


Oli – With Craig taking “long term development” Browns and lots of unknowns I’ve gone for SC to solidify what he did last year to take a conference with some established players and good defences.


Tom – AFC is still going to be a tough conference due to presence of SC at the Chargers – the best player with one of the worst team’s, but that wont be the case for long…


TO – With SC obviously nailed on to win the conference it makes an interesting fight between AFC old boys; Jimmy, Oli, Tom and Paul for the scraps. I’ve long been a fan of Paul’s but he might need a season or 2 to get the Titans competitive – watch out for Craig with a talented young roster and the lack of QB doesn’t matter when you only throw screens!


Division Oli Tom TO
NFC East Cowboys – Tobli  Giants – VFJ Eagles – BS
NFC North Packers –Si  Packers – Si Lions – MM
NFC West Rams – Michael  49ers – CB 49ers – CB
NFC South Saints – DJ  Saints – DJ Falcons – TO
NFC Wildcards Falcons – TO & Bears – JR  Cardinals –  & Bears – JR Cowboys – Tobli & Bears – JR


Oli – Despite some fierce rivalries, I’m backing outsider Si to cause some upsets along with Michael making the most of the Rams talents to do the same with CB.


Tom – NFC is looking tough in every division but most definitely in the North. With SC out of the picture, this conference could be anyones, but will probably be JR/CB/MM throughout (ed – but you’ve said MM will miss the playoffs…? shots fired! pap pap!) but who knows what the new guys are capable of!


TO – Now this is a competitive conference, I’ve gone with what I know with the heavyweights all making it through; MM, CB, BS and JR. Tobli will benefit from a decent day 1 roster whilst I think my Falcons roster will surprise season 1 whilst DJ sorts his cap and team out for a push season 2 onward’s. This is where you all find out that Si rode the Panthers wave and gets found out (shots fired – pap pap!)


Let us know what you think and we will file it under “we don’t give a ****” and come back to you

Stay classy OOH