Top 10 Contract Criminals

GM capability is something really highlighted in the latest Madden. Its suddenly become harder to manage the finances, balance the books and pay your coaches stupid salaries (DJ). I think it’s a brilliant thing and a crucial part of the game.

Lets have a look at the GMs the fans call clueless, paying bums for no production!

AFC – 6

NFC – 4

10 – Carolina Panthers – Sean Smith FS

$12.1m a year

Not the worst player in the world, some decent stats, but for that price youd want more than 2 Interceptions a season. Slowing up quicker than Midgets playoff push the new Panthers owner needs to get some advice from Glyn.

9 – Arizona Cardinals – Calais Campbell DE

$13.9m a year

Again, not the worst player, but older than DJ and last year only managed 17 tackles and 2 sacks.

8 – Kansas City Chiefs – Jeremy Maclin WR

$11.9m a year

I expected this from some of the people on the list. But not Oli. Unless no one has told him its not 2014 anymore, as he is over paying for someone who used to be good. Less than 400 yards and only 5 TDs for someone that costs more than most of the best WRs in the game? Pah.

7 – Cleveland Browns – Brandon Williams DT

$10.6m a year

And rounding off the players that are still ok as starters but stealing a living with the amount they are paid is this fatty. Hes had 11 tackles and 2 sacks – in 2 years. Yes 2 years. His PMV is 74 and his FMV is 44. He gets off blocks worse than Craig trying to pull whilst Ben’s sat there asking if they can cuddle later.

6 – Seattle Seahawks – Delanie Walker TE

$11.1m a year

Another player who I didn’t expect to see. Given how much he rates himself I would have thought the owner Jerry would have been more careful with cash. This is mid round because obviously he sees something we don’t because only a genius would pay a 35 year old with 20 catches and 0 TDs last year that kind of cash!

5 – Carolina Panthers – Demar Doctson RT

$7.3m a year

This would be worse in the list if it was more money, but the stats are horrendous! 82 Strength, 75 Run Block, 74 Pass Block. But being paid like a top 10 tackle. The new owner has some issues to sort out

4 – Cleveland Browns – Tyrod Taylor QB

$10.9m a year

A double appearance on the list for the guy who loves to burn cash on ostentatious stuff that no ones impressed by – this time its his back up QB. Weirdly, if he was starting this is a relatively cheap QB. But sat on the bench doing nothing is a waste of time and money.

3 – Houston Texans – Richard Sherman CB

$18.5m a year

Hard to defend this FA acquisition. The owner Shane was really pleased with the purchase, but I cant help but feel he’s fallen into the trap of buying on the back of old hype. As we get further into the game and further away from the reality these players get more dangerous. With only 1 INT last year and 85 speed Im not surprised that the Seahawks let him go. Half the deal and it still looks toppy but maybe wouldnt make the list. Could make an OK transition to FS but not for that money. It is only a 1 year deal though, which drops it out the top 2.

2 – New England Patriots – Devin McCourty FS

$13.0m a year

A lot of money for essentially a player that may as well not play. Last year 38 tackles. Thats it. Nothing else contributed. You can get a top 50 talent for that money! Veet boys dominating this list. Clearly they need some pocket money lessons. You’re paying $340k a tackle.

1 – New York Jets – Darelle Revis CB

$21.9m a year

Unbelievable. More than most QBs make. 83 speed, 57 tackling, 66 hit power. He does have 96 play rec though – he knows exactly whats going on but can’t do anything about it. A bit like when Al’s uncle used to touch him. Revis took home just $11m PER INTERCEPTION last year. Rumours are Tolbert at the Chargers is spewing over his $420k a year deal earning just $28k per interception thinking he should have $165m in the bank based on Revis’ deal.