Week 5 – Honest Jims

Week 4 Update

Well. well. well. What a week we have had. With this the last week of full schedules before bye weeks start to distort our view of divisions, a few owners were keen to cement their position, with others wanting to stop the rot. Whilst things hot up in the AFC East, the NFC equivalent are in a weird race for a playoff spot or 1st overall. Routine wins for the Browns, Cards, Chargers and Chiefs. The Jets did well to scrape another victory whilst coaching staff are on vacation – some fans are calling for them to stay there. The Vikings emerge victorious in the division of death battle against the Lions, and the young owner of the Raiders continued to show he might be able to ‘school’ a few in this league.

Game of the week – New Orleans Aints v Miami Dolphins in Wembley Stadium, London, UK

In a close game in the UK, it was down to the local boy Jay Ajayi to have his way with the Saints defenders to then set up nice completions on 3rd and short for Ryan Tannehill. There was a lot of talk coming from New Orleans prior to the game and the Dolphins coach Adam Gase said”

“yeah, we used that. The guys were riled up. To be honest, this season was lost when we couldn’t even beat a Jets team that has its office on holiday. That was embarrassing. But it was all about today for us. All the talk meant we had nothing to lose, no one expected us to win, the pressure was all on them. Ive called Mrs Gase, shes got the red panties out tonight baby!”

We approached Saints officials for comment but there was no answer. Local news is reporting rumours that they were over heard calling Baltimore front office saying:

“Im sorry glorious leader, we are not worthy, please can you teach me.”

Looking Forward – Week 5

After a busy start to the season, we have slowed down with the number of bets we’ve been getting. As you know here at Honest Jims we want to help boost your bank account. Our experts have been providing you with hints, as well as market leading odds, to make the most of this season.

Currently TO is leading the way with 33 correct picks, TV with 34, with Ritchie and Jimmy on 29 and 28 respectively.

See our picks with latest odds below;


Any bets just sent TO a message and he will log it

Quarter 1 Account Update

Most bookmakers take customer data protection very seriously – mainly so they can sell them to telemarketers. But here at Honest Jims you know we are as honest as the night is long so we share everything!

A big thank you to all our employees – i think you’ll agree Honest Jims is a great additional to our community and it takes a lot of work to come up with odds for so many markets!

In Q1, we have had 26 bets placed equating to £536 staked. Most are yet to run, but currently its 2-1 vs the punters with a profit of £55 in our favour.

Oli is the only person who has managed to take money off of Jim so far.
Get your money spent though, dormant accounts are subject to our dormancy rules.

Remember we are talking to the commissioner about a new sponsorship deal whereby having the highest amount of money at the end of the season could lead to a reward, could be a snickers, could be a draft pick, could be FA order…best get to beating Oli!

Team Owner Account Balance
Los Angeles Rams Oli £135.00
Buffalo Bills Kadeem £100.00
Baltimore Ravens Rob £100.00
Pittsburgh Steelers James £100.00
Cincinnatti Bengals Michael £100.00
Tennessee Titans VJF £100.00
Houston Texans Ben £100.00
Indianapolis Colts Andre £100.00
Jacksonville Jaguars BS £100.00
Denver Broncos Tom V £100.00
Oakland Raiders Rory £100.00
Washington Redskins Mr X £100.00
Philadelphia Eagles Prime £100.00
New York Giants Jimmy £100.00
Green Bay Packers Ryan £100.00
Minnesota Vikings JR £100.00
Atlanta Falcons Alasdair £100.00
New Orleans Saints Jerry £100.00
Carolina Panthers Aaron £100.00
San Francisco 49ers Griff £100.00
Seattle Seahawks Wayne £100.00
Arizona Cardinals Moose £100.00
Los Angeles Chargers Craig £90.00
Dallas Coyboys Big D £90.00
Chicago Bears Chris R £85.00
New York Jets Glyn £75.00
Kansas City Chiefs Al £71.00
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Paul £70.00
Detroit Lions CB £50.00
Miami Dolphins TO £0.00
New England Patriots DJ £0.00
Cleveland Browns SC £0.00

Good Luck in Week 5