Week 9 – Honest Jims

Week 8 Update

Dodgy week as we forgot a match up – but we would have all gone for Alastair so didn’t really matter. TO managed to maintain his slender lead over the sexy one. Jimmy continued his poor run of form, and currently seems mostly drunk.

A lot of money was stuck on the young lad Rory, and those punters failed to see the bottler in him. He cost punters a total of £85 across multiple bets.

We did however see Master Wayne manage to cream the bookies, with the perfect cash out. Making £130 profit off his £20, only to see the final 2 legs of his acca lose – Wayne must be pretty smug there.


Looking Forward – Week 9

We managed to get Jimmy into the office before his daily whiskey commiserations over his picking and playing performances of late. Some very close matchups in here, its a good week to make the most of the compilers discrepancies (Craig – this is where we dont agree so the odds are better for the customers)

Any bets just sent TO a message and he will log it

Current stats – 38 bets placed, 18 bets resulted, 4 bets punters win, 10 bets lost, 1 voided.

Jim £180 v Punters £272 – GAME ON

Can anyone catch Wayne?



Team Owner Account Balance
Seattle Seahawks Wayne 200
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Paul 130
Buffalo Bills Kadeem 100
Baltimore Ravens Rob 100
Pittsburgh Steelers James 100
Cincinnatti Bengals Michael 100
Tennessee Titans VJF 100
Houston Texans Ben 100
Indianapolis Colts Andre 100
Jacksonville Jaguars BS 100
Oakland Raiders Rory 100
Washington Redskins Mr X 100
Philadelphia Eagles Prime 100
New York Giants Jimmy 100
Green Bay Packers Ryan 100
Minnesota Vikings JR 100
Atlanta Falcons Alasdair 100
New Orleans Saints Jerry 100
Carolina Panthers Aaron 100
San Francisco 49ers Griff 100
Arizona Cardinals Moose 100
Kansas City Chiefs Al 95
Los Angeles Chargers Craig 90
Dallas Coyboys Big D 85
Chicago Bears Chris R 85
New York Jets Glyn 75
Los Angeles Rams Oli 50
Miami Dolphins TO 0
Cleveland Browns SC 0
Denver Broncos Tom V 0
Detroit Lions CB 0
New England Patriots DJ -50