Mr Madden

That age old question. Who is elite? The other question nearly as old as DJ. Who is tanking?

Well what better way to find out, than ask peers. This survey is the greatest democratic failing since Donald Trump was voted President of the United States. Mainly because I’m far too low. That travesty aside lets look into who you voted the best at Madden (which is purely a reflection of who’s worst with women..)

#1 CB

He will tell you he’s 59th in this league. But we all think it. We all know it. He’s the target.

#2 SC

Given one of the worst teams to mould. We all respect him and know what he can do. A little bit terrifying how many picks he has. But cracks did appear for the first time in 3 years this season.

#3 Rob

He will be the first one to tell you how good he is. But he does have the skills to back it up. That said this season a bit of a reality check after finding it too easy last year, the new rules are working and he’s being tested. Thats a good thing for his development, a bad thing for everyone else.

#4 Paul

Sneaky elite. 15-1 and does it without much fuss. Effective and efficient football has been levelled at Paul and its been impressive. Not as impressive as his ability to reel off Rostov FCs U12s individual players birthdays, but impressive nonetheless.

#5 Moose

Hes back. Hes happy. Direct correlation between winning and chirpy Moose messages. Most are pleased for him and were worried about his sanity.

#6 Al

He talks so much, but he does play well. Could be argued not getting the respect he deserves here as a number 1 seed in AFC. Maybe this is bulletin board material – lets see how he does in the big games coming.

#7 JR

Suffered at the hands of being in a division with CB but held in there neck and neck for as long as he could. And this is with seemingly taking some steps back from the game. Could be a dark horse but coming out just about the right place.

#8 Chris

Our highest non playoff member here. A lot of people remember how good he was in the previous games and have played him in gameday so thats the likely reason. In a division of death so will be a real test and will be interesting to see how he does.

#9 DJ

Almost the reverse of the above – the 2nd overall seed in the AFC and he’s only just in the top 10? Maybe people think the team are giving him a decent boost, but he can see how that plays out after his week break. Having played him consistently for years, I would put him in that bracket with Paul. Rarely makes mistakes and is consistent against the middle and bottom of this list.

#10 Craig

Probably would of been higher if ranked earlier in the season. Absolutely capitulated when the pressure came. Will be interesting to see where he goes with it, could spiral or could actually challenge Al every year.

#11 Wayne

Another one like DJ, some think he’s gotten a decent team but in a division with some good players he’s had to hold his own to get to the playoffs. Will be watching closely to what he does with a relatively ageing team.

#12 Rory

Well well well Mr popular has come in here and made playoffs year 1. He’s so nice he’s just happy to be here. But i wouldnt be surprised to find a competitive streak underneath. If he can learn from some of the masters he could be very good for a long long time.

#13 Kadeem

Seems to split opinion so not surprised with his placing. Had 2 games this year and both went to wire falling each side of the fence to be 1-1. Very good on defense and choosing to go with a young QB seems to be getting respect on this list. Will be interesting to see how he progresses in my division.

#14 Oli

Moving house has played a bit of havoc with knowing what is Oli and what is CPU. Likewise, good team to start with and some good performances and some horrible ones. Reserving judgement here but still getting respect in the voting based on previous games.

#15 VFJ

Mad this guy. Will play 3-4 against 4 defenders. Goes into one game and causes massive upsets, next game he’s blown out. Jeckyl and Hyde comes to mind so actually being around mid way is probably right.

#16 Jimmy

Really interesting pick. Previous polls in previous years have seen him at a dizzy #4, so you can see some nostalgia in the voting as he’s torn his team apart this year. We know thats not a reflection and thats why hes here… and above me… 🙁

#17 TO

Terrible start, pulled it back but couldn’t quite make the playoffs. Beaten at least 2 of the higher people above me this season but bothered…

#18 Aaron

Rent a sim Aaron has been around this mark for a few seasons. Getting the Panthers is a bit of a chance to climb it but getting a division with Paul is always going to be tough.

#19 Jerry

Almost the reverse of the Jimmy effect. Previous lists would have him nearer top 10. His own list would have him 2nd (to Rob obv). This isn’t the real Jerry and one can only wonder how long he will stick around for.

#20 X

Well, being 20th but a playoff team must feel like a kick to balls for old X. Way below Jimmy in his own division who im pretty sure he beat twice. The definition of bulletin board material. Not the lowest playoff team though…

#21 Ben

Ben will not be happy. He’s adamant he’s not the Jets Ben anymore. We all are apparently very skeptical of this. CPU gave him a great start for a pretty good team is a division that seems to be struggling.

#22 BS

Dont know why i bothered including.

#23 James

Way too high for the ultimate tank. Rumours of not trying in games might catch up to him so a couple of wins towards the end might have saved some of those picks…

#24 Andre

Growing the list slowly, still making some silly errors but some scores coming through, needs to resist the urge to bend the rules though

#25 Ryan

Cursed by his division, some really strong results followed by some blow outs. Surely much better than here?

#26 Alastair

Used to be good on D and terrible offensively. Seems to have brought that offensive but the defense is struggling to make up for it anymore.

#27 TV

Tank. Got to be. Oh wait doesnt have the picks? Crap. Well needs to get his mojo back because he should easily be half way further up this list.

#28 Daly

Some say he’s being carried by his team. But he’s not even using their amazing run game! Regardless, we love him.

#29 Glyn

A testament to glyn not being 32 with the 32 team. Rage is growing, maybe we wont do a random team draw next year?

#30 Griff

Taken it very well considering some tough results. then wins when its worse for him to do so.

#31 Michael

Improved once he realised that his top 10 RB was better than the rookie.

#32 Prime

Whats this lad got to do to get up the list? He is beating some of his division opponents and causing upsets. He will get there.