Offseason Schedule


Super Bowl Monday

Offseason: Advance Days

Offseason Stage Opens — Re-signs completed this phase —Tuesday
Offseason Stage 1
— Free Agency/Trades — Wednesday
Offseason Stage 2
— Free Agency/Trades/Scouting — Thursday
Offseason Stage 3
— Final Free Agency Bidding/Trades/Scouting – Friday
Offseason Stage 4
— Trades/Last Chance to Scout Saturday
Offseason Stage 5
— Draft — PROVISIONALLY Monday 16th 8pm If you are not attending Let CB know, if you have finished drafting also let CB know so we can auto any further picks

The Following Steps will happen After the Draft:

Offseason Stage 7 — Rookie Signings (Which is Automatically done)
Offseason Stage 8 — Position Changes — 10 min period after the draft

Offseason Stage 9 — Preseason – Do not play games or sign anybody, Cut anyone the CPU picks up

1. Lotto Picks in by  Tuesday 17th 9pm. Published 10pm
2. Use this time to update roster, make final cuts to 53 and training

Offseason Stage 10
— Season 4 – Wednesday 18th  9pm

Reminder to everyone to read FA rules again

ALL BIDS must be sent to Chris R and Tom V. This is a sample of the screen you send them (either from xbox or on your phone but it must be clear)

If you drop out from a bid please let us know. Any fuckabouterry in FA will see you banned from signing anyone.