Gameday Mid-Season Review

How things stand

How things stand

AFC East

Tough division this one but the Patriots, as they should, lead the way on 6-3, closely followed by that horrific jets roster on an impressive 5-4. Could go down to the wire this one. Meanwhile the Bills and Phins struggle but will look to FA and the Draft with hopes of challenging the pats and Jets next season.

AFC North

Probably the closest division in the league, and also the best (no bias). Currently the Browns lead the way with a 6-2 record along with the Bengals, closely followed by the Steelers on 6-2 and then the Ravens on 4-5. Still too early to see the winner of this one and realistically could be any of the four but fingers crossed it’s the Browns

AFC South

Another close division this one, but looking like a losing record will make the playoffs as all 4 teams are currently below .500. Jags, Titans and Texans currently all on 3-5 and the Colts on 2-7. Realistically, it could go to anyone but having seen Kadeem in Originals league, id imagine he gets above .500 so hes the one to beat with the Texans

AFC West

Well well well, Tom V leading the way at 8-1 with his Oakland Raiders. Hes been shite in Originals League but he leads the conference at the moment with some impressive wins. He is however closely followed by DJ and his Broncos on 7-2. So if Gameday Tom morphs into Originals Tom then he could fall apart. Not to forget the Chiefs on 5-4 (time missed on holiday) so I wouldn’t count him out either. Last but not least, is Daly and his Rivers to Gates connection on 2-6

NFC East

The NFC East is another close one with only 2 wins separating 1-4 but it’s the Cowboys currently leading the way with a 5-3 record but the Eagles and Skins aren’t far behind. Giants with a decent roster in 4th but a run of a few wins and this one could be anyone’s.

NFC North

Division of death this one. Great game last night between the Bears and Packers, which took the Bears just over .500 but still behind CB and SC. Packers and their elite qbs sit 4th on 3-6 and will be tough for them to make a playoff run. The previously mentioned CB and SC fighting it out for No.1 seed (as usual) Its currently CBs to lose as he holds a 2 game advantage over SC and is going for an undefeated season.

NFC South

Falcons and their ridiculously good WR group lead the way on 6-2 and hold a 2 game lead over Kev and his Panthers. Saints and Buccs will struggle to catch but you never know

NFC West

Another tough division here. Cardinals leading the way on 7-2 but will have to keep that form up to keep away the chasing Seahawks and Rams. Niners have it tough, having to compete in a tough division and also with a truly dreadful roster.

League Leaders

Rookie Leaders

Game of the Season

Few contenders here, but seen as its fresh in my mind from last night, ill go with Bears v Packers. A 24-21 win for the Bears

MVP Race

Who Else? Thomas Brady

Best of Luck to everyone for the rest of the season (unless your in the AFC North 😉