OOH Madden Draft 1-10 

Editor comment – I in no way agree with this list and have warned Ben that putting himself in this list is both deluded and dangerous….enjoy!

With a day to go before the Official NFL draft I thought I would do one for OOH.
1. With the Number One pick of the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Cleveland Browns select Robert Lowe – Quarterback – Ballymena State Comprehensive

There’s no denying this talent with multiple OOH Championships to his name – however potential questions can be asked if he’s more dedicated to farming than he is football with recent cowgate casting doubt over his draft stock.

2. With the 2nd selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the New York Giants select Scottish Champ III – Quarterback – Ayr State

Undeniable talent in this pick here for the Giants, a proven contender over his college career and former Heismann winner, critics are saying he’s slowing down over the years and takes too many holidays. However everyone can see he’s a proven leader just give him the ball and watch the magic happen.

3. With the 3rd selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the New York Jets select Chicken Boy – Punter – School of Life
This man goes by many names but one thing that can’t be questioned is his ability to win games! One of the top prospects in the country he considered himself so good that rumours say he may even skip the draft “again”.

4. With the 4th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Cleveland Browns select Paul ‘FerDog’ Ferguson – Defensive End – Perth Grammar

with Cleveland’s 2nd pick in the first round they opt for the guy that never quits or so they say …

5. With the 5th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Denver Broncos select Craig ‘2team’ Campbell Running back – Sunderland School for the Mentally Slow

Played for several different teams during college some say he wore disguises in order to get more playing time, however he does have an extremely high ceiling and 95% of plays went through his position of running back, there must be talent there!

6. With the 6th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Indianapolis Colts select Midget Moose – Guard – Home Schooled
Some say this is the safest pick in the draft much like Quenton Nelson who is expected to go here at 6, a big bruiser down in the trenches the colts will be lucky to have the former history teacher, although rumours spread that he cancelled several interviews with NFL teams to go on a history trip – could this be detrimental to his draft stock?

7. With the 7th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Karim Simmonds – Linebacker – Manchester State (lol jk, never been near anywhere called Manchester)

Having officially changed his name to Bullet Club K the drop in his draft stock is clearly attributed to off the field issues with this so called bullet gang. However the talent is undeniable another Heisman trophy finalist with a high ceiling and the Bucs take a chance on him here at 7.

8. With the 8th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Chicago Bears select – Aaron Searl – Defensive Back – Penn State
Some still say he’s yet to respond to the invite to attend the draft due to time management skills, Missed several games in college due to this however talent is there and potentially could be the next NFL’s shut down corner.

9. With the 9th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the San Francisco 49ers select – Wayne Maguire – Defensive Tackle – Mountain State

Dominated the D line in college was no match for Centers and Guards – however another one with several off the field issues, including and not limited to: Anger Management, Alcohol issues combined with several reports of complaints from females. Worth 9th overall? Let’s see!

10. With the 10th selection in the 2018 OOH Madden Draft the Oakland Raiders select Ben ‘The Claw’ Tomlinson – Wide Reciever -Primary School
A lot of critics are questioning why the Raiders would draft a wide reciever with half a hand, after allegations of chasing children now we see where he gets his lighting quick speed from. Potential off the field issues are rife.

by…..Ben Tomlinson