28th July 2016


NFL football commissioner Roger Goodell takes questions during a news conference at the Arizona Biltmore, Monday, March 18, 2013, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Season 2 Rule Changes.

So after a solid first season we are rapidly approaching Season 2 but before we kick off we have decided to make a few exceptions.

What: Positions changes no longer allowed after preseason week 4. The only exception if it is needed to fill a roster slot due to injury and it must be approved by a commissioner

Why: Following on from the realities of the changes becoming clear to the Dev system it was obvious that some owners knew this was how it worked and being cubas and taking advantage of it, also its become obvious that people were using it to try and get cheaper contracts and/or tags for there players. So you can thank those snakes for this change.

What: We are reducing the percentage of receptions we would expect your leading receiver to get.

Why: The % wont be revealed (although I’m sure it will come out eventually),  Too many people take advantage of knowing what the figure is and take it right to the limit, that is not what the rule was designed for, so, mix your targets up each week and you wont have any issues.  The COMMISIONERS will decide where someone is overstepping the mark and likely a warning before any action is taken (similar to what we did mid-season  this year) . This also is in relation to the dynamic dev changes.

What: Limits to hot routes at the line of scrimmage

Why: Too many people using too many hot routes and theres simply no need for it. we are not saying you cant use them, but we would expect to see 1 or 2 every 3/4 plays. Not 3/4 every play. If you don’t like what you see at the LOS change your play, don’t change every play so you have a drag a slant and a streak each time.  For avoidance of doubt, changing pass protection or changing the play is NOT a hot route.

Punishments for all 3 include, Player bans and Revoking any dev improvements .

General Points: The amount of hounding of people that goes on in the chat is getting out of hand, and its quite frankly embarrassing we are meant to be grown adults. If you don’t like someone thats fine it doesn’t mean you need to bully and harass them every time they breath in to the point where people leave the chat or even worse the league, I’m fairly sure the people who are doing this haven’t been treated this way so I don’t know why they think its acceptable to do it. Going alongside this commentating on other peoples perceived rule breaking in pubic chat is not allowed, again if it continues we will start looking at punishing the people doing the public hangings rather than those perceived breaking the rules.

  • If you see something, say something, If you see someone breaking the rules or have something to report, let a commissioner know via PM, we will investigate.
  • If you have any feedback relating to rules let us know etc.

Check the Offseason post regarding the kickoff schedule, make sure you are up to date, and again any problems PM a commissioner

And last but not least….

There once was a commish called Moose

Who Could no longer stand the abuse

He lost his rag and packed up his bags

And now spends his days on the loose

A big thank you to Midgetmoose who has hung up his wig and gavel. Your contribution to the league is immeasurable at least now you will have more time for marking.

Cheers Cubas,

Your Glorious Leaders

The Commishes