28th July 2016


NFL football commissioner Roger Goodell takes questions during a news conference at the Arizona Biltmore, Monday, March 18, 2013, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

So the wait is over the big kick off is here, so its at this time as always like to remind you of how we expect you to play and also update a few things.

Read The Rules and the gameplay Etiquette post.



Once you have read them, read them again

Game Length 

Game length will be set to 8m Qtrs and Accelerated clock running down to 15 secs. Call your plays in good time i.e not to fast and not to slow!

Onscreen assistance 

Your settings must match below.

For ROOKIES ONLY the following can be set to ON for season 1

  • On field visual feedback
  • Defensive pass coverage visual assist
  • Coach Tips

For ALL players Franchise bottom line ticker is optional.

Set these up in your main menu and the franchise menu to be safe. If you dont use these settings expect a visit from Glyn.

Tanking.  Last year there was some pretty obvious tankers. If you want to be a tanker this year go ahead but there will be some severe punishments for all the tankers out there. It will start with the loss of your early round picks and then we’ll go from there.

Position Manipualtion. Certain positions dont regress the same as others. Changing your players position to take advantage of this is not allowed under any circumstances set the player to the actual position he plays. If you try it and get caught, Expect a visit from Glyn.

Gun Monster Formation. This formation is banned until it gets patched. If you call it by mistake call a timeout. If you have no timeouts take a delay of game penalty. No discussion will be entered into on this.

Thats it lads. Double check this list and make sure you take it in. If theres anything you dont understand please ask. Ignorance will not be an excuse. If you are a veteran player and get caught doing dumb shit you can expect to be taken Ice Cube style (Death Certificate track 20). Take this as your warning!  Be good to each other and as always Don’t be a dick.

Cheers Cubas,

Your Glorious Leaders

The Commishes