28th July 2016


NFL football commissioner Roger Goodell takes questions during a news conference at the Arizona Biltmore, Monday, March 18, 2013, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

It’s Madden season.

So after some downtime we are getting things in place for the new season of Madden 19, We were lucky enough to get a beta key and theres certainly been some interesting changes to franchise mode, they worked well short term but only time will tell how the pan out in a 32 man league over 5 seasons.  Despite some choppy waters at the end of last season we are again over subscribed for the Original League, we will announce the 32 Owners early August and of course we have our team draft in Preston on the 18th.

For the new season we have some changes, some minor, some major nothing is 100% finalised yet so if you have any feedback please let us know. Where appropriate these will all be in the rules prior to kick-off but for now this will let you know the route we are heading down.


As we all now know we are moving over to Slack this process will begin this week, if you require any technical help with Slack contact CB, Moose or Glyn.  This move will improve our home’s integration with the league as well as a number of other benefits.

Gameday League

Commissioners for Gameday league this year will be CB, DJ and Chris Ritchie, DJ and Chris taking on commissioner roles for the first time so take it easy on them. We are going to attempt to take our teams from Madden 19  over to Madden 20 for the first time, this will require a lot of background work and is still a work in progress, we will be in touch with further details regarding this.


Twitch is now the only permitted streaming service, mixer is poor quality, and does not offer the same integration with the league. This was a major request from our questionnaires.

Schedule spreadsheets

Do not edit/change or alter anything in the spreadsheets with the exception of putting in times for your games.

Game Announcments

Game kick 0ff announcements and who is streaming must be made in your specific league chat BEFORE the game starts.


Once a trade has been agreed it must be posted to the forum in the appropriate section , league members will then have 24hours to counter the bid. The seller is under no obligation to accept the new bids and cannot drop out from the original bid unless accepting another offer. The trade commission will still have the power to intervene in trades where they deem it necessary and all rookies trades and trades for future first round picks will still have to be approved prior to posting on the forum. We have made these changes for 2 reasons.

  1. To stop people complaining that trades are unfair/one sided
  2. To stop mates rates deals

Streamlining/Standardising of Discipline process

Gameplay Punishments

This is still being finalised but it is going to look a little something like this.

Filing a Complaint

  1. Member must contact a commissioner as soon as game has finished, Stating the nature of the complaint
  2. Give precise information in regards to complaint and include evidence (Twitch Feeds, Times of said complaint) The more information you give us helps us greatly. (As we don’t have time to watch every Stream game)
  3. IF for whatever reason the game isn’t streamed in certain situations  you can provide xbox clips.
  4. The commissioner will acknowledge your complaint and this will be posted onto the forums.
  5. The commissioner will the pass information onto the Discipline committee (Made up of members of the league) to look into the offence and will deem if rules were broken and will notify the Commissioner their outcome
  6. The commissioner will the communicate with both parties and explain the outcome and results
  7. Result will be published on Forum/OOH Major Announcements

IF found that you have broken any of the rules we will follow the following punishment table

Conduct detrimental to the league Minimum loss of 1st round draft picks infollowing draft
Giving up Mid game (1st Offence) Warning
Giving up Mid game (2nd Offence) Starting QB banned for 1 game
Giving up Mid game (3nd Offence) Starting QB banned for 5 games
Stat Padding Player is banned for next game
Not mixing up Offence/Defence (1st Offence) Warning
Not mixing up Offence/Defence (2nd Offence) Starting QB banned for 1 game
Not mixing up Offence/Defence (3rd Offence) Starting QB banned for 5 games
Illegal Motion Snapping/Blocking Player banned for 1 game
Illegal moving of non controlled Defender on Defence Player banned for 1 game
4th Down rule Starting QB banned for 1 game

 The final version will be posted into the rules before the start of the season. Something that will be reiterated prior to the season, but if something bothers you in a game TELL US, we cant do anything unless we know about it.

General Rule changes

  • Rookie QB’s will be allowed to change there handedness from left to right, this must be requested before the season begins (Questionnaire request)
  • Game scheduling, if a game is not on the schedule spreadsheet then neither team will be permitted to go on auto. If the game is not played it will be simmed. (Questionnaire request)
  • If a game is arranged and one party does not turn up within 15m of the scheduled kick off time and doesn’t contact the opponent. The opponent will be awarded the victory they will also have the option of playing CPU.

Cheers Cubas,

Your Glorious Leaders

The Commishes