31st August 2016

Oli Collins

Groupme Name – Oli (Chiefs)

Gamertag – TheOC2702

Twitch Name – Oli2702

What brought you to madden? and the first madden you played? – Madden ’99 was first I ever played, first I ever took seriously was Madden ’11. Wanted to learn more about the rules of the game and players and made a nice break from football games.

Expectations – Expect the game to be largely the same as Madden 16 with very few large gameplay improvements. Usually the way EA goes with game development. Hope CFM has bit more depth. Personally…be happy to make the playoffs once!

What leagues are you playing in – Main and Gameday

How long have you played in OOH – Since 2013 so this will be my 5th version

OOH Honours – Next question…..

NFL Team – Patriots