31st August 2016


Groupme Name – Tom (Colts)

Gamertag – FourKingAwesome

Twitch Name – FourKingAwesome

What brought you to madden? and the first madden you played? – Being a fan of the NFL brought me into Madden, Madden got me the team I now follow (Cardinals) – first one was Madden 09 but did buy Madden 08…only to find out it didn’t run on my laptop.

Expectations – More losses to #TheELITE

What leagues are you playing in – main and GM only

How long have you played in OOH – A long, long time. Madden 10/11 perhaps the earliest I can remember – Miami Dolphins with a Fantasy roster headed up by Alex Smith at QB.

OOH Honours – Won loads of division titles. Won a Superbowl in Madden 15 with the Green Bay Packers – who eventually saw Aaron Rodgers head to the HOF. Couple of AFC North titles in Madden 16 but nothing more.

NFL Team – Arizona Cardinals