1st January 2017


Rules and Guidelines


General Settings




Difficulty Setting – All-Pro
Quarter Length – 8m
Accl Clock – on – 15 secs
Salary Cap – On
Coach Firing – Off
Pre Exsisting Injuries – Off
Kick Arc- Off
Defensive Graphics- Off
Ball carrier special move – Manual
Playbooks, Offence standard only, Defence Custom PB allowed
Must have 3 QBs on roster
Must carry 53 players at all times

Gameplay Standards

No constant onside kicks / squib kicks / purposefully short kicks/low kicks in an attempt to make the fat lads at the front catch & fumble

No Cheesing of plays to gain advantage.

No constant use of same formation / plays / hurry up. Mix it up. Use varying formations and play types, all plays from 3 formations is not mixing it up. For non-rookie players. “Coach suggestions” should not be your primary method of choosing a play. Its fine to use every so often, for example if your in hurry up, or just need a fresh idea, but not every down.

Even out Offensive play calling Stats lines of 3 passes & 30 runs (and vice versa) should be avoided. This is monitored and as a baseline 60/40 either way is normal, 70/30 either way will be punished.

Even out the run directions. Mix up inside & outside, counters & draws

No use of ‘glitches’ to gain an advantage – IE the 90 degree cutback on kickoff returns, constant hurry up mode , Rolling to the sideline then passing deep (unless designed roll out play)

If its a snow game do not wear white

No unsportsmanlike behavior when winning or losing (running up score when in front or drawing flags on purpose when losing)

Racking up stats with should be avoided. Unrealistic totals give unfair XP advantages to those players. You have 5-6 receivers, use them all.

On defence you should vary your user, not use the same one every play. This applies to DL and LB/DB users. This will be monitored to avoid stat padding for awards. PLEASE NOTE: end of season awards will be disabled so you gain nothing from stat padding players.

No running up the score – Use chew clock where appropriate including against CPU. As a guideline if your up by 3 scores don’t score more than 7 in the 4th. Dink and dunk, run up the middle, use plays you know aren’t great and punt/FG. If something breaks and your already are well up you can run oob.

Absolutely NO QUITTING

Quitting Applies to CPU games.

Anyone found going against the spirit of the game will be warned… multiple warnings will lead to booting.

If you have any mis-givings about a game or another member please PM your commisioners – no point calling anyone out in public and if you do you will risk a suspension yourself

Cheating, cheesing, unsportsmanlike conduct of any nature or abuse of fellow members will not be tolerated

This is a game and is meant to be fun.. everyone here gets along, keep it that way, dont be a dick!

PreSnap Controls

Taking control and moving a defensive player pre-snap is allowed, providing:

i) You must keep control of that player until after the ball is snapped
ii) you do not move a D-line player back off the line or to the outside of the tackles
iii) you do not move a line-backer to a position directly behind a defensive lineman
iiii) Continuous presnap motion of lines (side to side or up and down is not allowed)

It is perfectly acceptable to use defensive playmaker to adjust your d-line and line-backers. Whether that is show blitz; shift them left or right; pinch or spread; blitz inside or outside or any of the other standard in-game adjustments. Whilst these are acceptable they should also be kept to a reasonable amount and should not be used to obviously affect CPU AI

No continuous use of pre snap motion – offence or defence.

If you are found to be using glitches in the games AI for example ‘nano blitzes’ and youtube plays you will be banned from the league.

4th Downs

Limit the 4th down attempts to occasions when necessary such as but not exclusive to

-close to goal with minimal time left in half
-when trailing by a significant margin
-Too close too punt but out of field goal range (in oppositions half only) and not every single time!
-4th downs should not be attempted in your own half, take your medicine and punt the ball,You should only go for it on 4th down when losing late or when it would be reasonable for a real NFL team to go for it. For example, on 4th and short from the dead zone (your opponent’s 35-45-yard line).

“I wasnt confident of stopping there offence” is not an excuse or valid reason to attempt a 4th down

Only attempt 2pt conversions when needed, Attempting a 2pc with the last play of the game to win is highly discouraged

Clock Management

Chew Clock should only be used in User v User games inside the 2 minute warning or where both teams agree the game is done and dusted, it should not be used outwith these situations, similarly plays should be called and run in a reasonable amount of time, it shouldn’t take 30 seconds to pick a play every single down.

Stat Padding
As previously spoken about this makes the league unrealistic and makes the league even more unbalanced towards the better players. We have tried the nicey nicey approach of please don’t do it and it hasn’t worked.

Going forward the following rules will be in place in relation to not adhering to Fair Play guidelines

1st Offence- A player will not be allowed to play for 1 week, Either the player who is being over used or the starting QB.

For example if it were the Cleveland browns and Josh Gordon had 20 receptions and the next closest had 4, Josh Gordon would be sat down for the next week, If the player scored 20 points in the 4th quarter whilst already up by 21, Brian Hoyer would be sat for 1 week. This applies to any stat, TDs, yards, defensive stats; in a single game and across the whole season.

2nd Offence – As above with the ban extended to 2 weeks

3rd Offence – As above but the next game would also be simmed

4th Offence- Banned from league for remainder of season

There is now way it should ever reach this situation so just use your common sense, we don’t want to have to implement further rules relating, score limiting etc

Game Deadline and Arranging Games

72 Hours from advance. Advance time will be 9pm so for example a typical week would be.

Monday 9pm Advance
Tuesday Free day
Wednesday Free day
Thursday 9pm Advance
Friday free Day
Saturday free Day
Sunday 9pm Advance

Protocol – Week will advance earlier if all games are done and the schedule adjusted appropriately. This will be set 24 hours from advance and all game times must be on the schedule by then, or you have told a commissioner about any problems scheduling. Any sims must be approved by a commissioner.

Play-offs: This will operate on the same advancing rules as the regular season, except advances will be reduced to 48 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you are in the play-offs its a privileged that most don’t get, don’t hold the rest of the league up.

User games: Games should be arranged within 24hrs, and played within the deadline, once advanced put it on the scheduling spreadsheet and inform a commissioner if there any any problems within 24 hours of advance. There will be no extensions granted after this.

Be realistic with your availability, a 1 hour window on 3 separate days is not you being available for 3 days. Any scheduling problems must be reported to a commissioner, who has the final say on the game.


Ensure that your service is set to archive your broadcast.

CPU games must be streamed

User games must be streamed unless network conditions prevent it (ie Lag). Agree before the game who will be streaming the game.

If you have not streamed your game and there is any suspicion of not keeping to the rules you will have no defence.

Participation in games

We now have a pretty significant waiting list. Playing your games is an absolute must. Players with 2 unwarranted autos will be warned about there spot in the league, a further auto will result in you losing your spot to someone else. Please not this does not include if we are pre-warned for example going on holiday

Disconnections in User Games

In all circumstances the game should be imitated back to the same score/time/possession as the game was at and continued or restarted if both agree – this is up to the two participants.

If the game is a blowout and owners cannot agree to restart/imitate the disconnected game, The losing team should go on auto pilot and the Winning team should play CPU, or depending on circumstances sim-a-win may be used.

Owner Mode

Do not go below 5 Million funds and where possible leave resigning till end of season so you know how much you have to spend.

If you go bust in owner mode, you will forfeit your first round draft pick to the lowest ranked CPU team, this will help maintain funds for your next attempt and help rebuild squad by having a few extra lower round picks.

If you are in negative funds at season end you will not be able to sign anyone, 2 years of negative funds and you will be fired, This is automatic and not league rules. Think long term, how many people do you need to sign at the end of the season, who do you have to sign next season?

Owner mode is relatively straight forward, if you need help, ask! Please sim a CPU franchise for practise.


We want users to have fun even with less than stellar teams. Because of that, you are encouraged to upgrade your stadium or look into building a new stadium. We will also allow users (potentially) to relocate. However, there will be some guidelines. Below are the processes for upgrading, building and relocating:

Stadium Upgrades/Building a new stadium/Team relocation

Owners may apply upgrades or rebuild their stadium at any time. Make sure the new stadium is financially feasible (you are responsible for your team’s finances. No bailouts here).

First-year owners will not be able to build a stadium during season one.

Relocating teams will only be allowed to use there existing or historic names.

Relocation may only be done by established league veterans. This protects a franchise from being moved and abandoned. there may be occasions where you are allowed to move in the first year where the team is obviously in need of a move but there will be restrictions. Relocation will only be approved if absolutely necessary

Roster Management

Resigning players/Free Agency

Silly contracts will be edited

Regardless of contract length bonus is capped at 50% of Salary (not total contract). e.g. a 10 million salary can have a 5 million bonus = 15million total contract.

Failure to follow this simple rule will result in the player having to be cut with no relief from cap penalties.


All trades must be reported through through groupme, All trades involving 1st round picks over players with 90+ OVR ratings must be ran past Wayne and the fellow members of the trade committee. There must be at least 2 “Yes” votes before you can accept the trade in game, if there is a Split the commissioner will have the final say. If the trade involves any of those 3 Members a third person will be nominated if needed.

If you are trading a high draft pick or trading someone with a high Madden value — no matter what you perceive their worth to be — just post about it in the community. You’ll be amazed at what people are willing to offer you.

You must play at least 1 Season in OOH Madden before you can trade any 1st round draft picks or players 90+ OVR. Until you have played 1 Season, all trades must be approved by the traed committee using the same guidelines above. Exceptions will be made in certain cases e.g. past member or proven in Gameday.

For all examples the trade between the players must be agreed and cannot be changed once it goes for approval.

Trading players you received as a FA Lotto or Waiver pick, or someone you traded for is not permitted in the same season.

Picks can be traded up to a maximum 2 years in advance. Anything further ahead than what is available in game is outlawed.  This is a team ruiner if someone leaves and is not availiable on the game. Therefore there is to be no trading if picks that you can’t trade on the game.

Practice Squads

If you intend to take someone from another teams practice squad then you should inform them AND a commissioner via PM.

The other team then has the opportunity to move them into there 53 man roster.
If they do not you make pick them up as requested.

Once the player is on your roster, he must go into your 53 man roster and cannot be cut or traded until the following season.

CPU Trading
Strictly no trading with the CPU

This is a system of rules that cover the FA pool at differing point of the season (apart from the in game FA period in the off-season). We will manually be applying these to make sure everyone gets a fair chance of getting the FAs they desire, rather than first come first served. If there any questions about this, then please ask a commish for further information. For ease of use the rules are set out to reflect the chronological nature of the season, starting with pre-season.

Pre-Season FA Lotto

These rules affect week 1 of pre-season before we cut down to 53. After the off-season there will be a large pool of FAs, and the lotto means that everyone has a shot at getting who they want.

  • At the start of pre-season FAs are off limits to everyone, the lotto is the first opportunity to claim them. Once this process has been completed you will be assigned a list of players you have ‘won’ to sign, and then cut to 53.
  • You willl need to send a list of ONLY FIVE players you would like from the lotto pool. These should be in order of preference as that will be one of the tie breakers. Therefore if you really want someone they should be #1 on your list, as it gives you the best chance to acquire them.
  • Once these lists have all been handed in to the relevant commisioners, specified below. They will then be processed on two tie breakers. The first will be order of preference, the second reverse draft order.- Original League Lotto – Midgetmoose
    – Gameday League Lotto – Chris Ritchie
    – GM League Lotto – TBC

Only once the lotto in complete do players clear waivers, however please note any cuts to 53 will be subject to waivers. Any cuts from this point on will also be subject to waivers. The waiver system remains in play until the end of the season. This is defined below.


This process is again to allow every owner a chance to acquire players cut by other teams. There will be a defined commish for each of the leagues that is responsible for processing waiver claims and maintaining the waiver order.

– Original League waivers – Midgetmoose
– Gameday League waivers – Chris Ritchie
– GM League waivers – TBC

  • Every player cut after the FA lotto is subject to waiver claims for a the rest of the game week, and the first 24 hours of the next week once this has passed claims will be processed and anyone left are fair game for anyone to sign.
  • If you want to make a claim in this period you must tell the appropriate commissioner in your league and they will note this down, along with any others who want to claim.
  • 24 hours after advance the claim will be processed. This is to make sure it is measurable as you can see who was cut when on the transactions page and cannot be circumvented by cutting before advance. The owner who is highest in the waiver order will win the claim and be able to sign the player.
  • The waiver order is determined by draft order, and will reset every season. If you win a claim, you will be moved to the bottom of the order
  • If you drop a player you are still allowed to put in a claim for him via waivers, however, you will be at the bottom of the order for that player no matter previous position.



Resigning players/Free Agency

Maximum contract length of 1 years

Regardless of contract length bonus is capped at 50% of Salary

For Example, On FA/Resigning screen when making a bid If paying 10m per year Salary the bonus can be no more than 5m

Failure to follow this simple rule will result in the player having to be cut with no relief from cap penalties.


All trades must be reported through through groupme, All trades involving 1st round picks over players with 90+ OVR ratings must be ran past Chris Ritchie and the Trade Committee. There must be at least 2 “Yes” votes before you can accept the trade in game, if there is a Split the commissioner will have the final say. If the trade involves any of those 3 Members a third person will be nominated if needed.

If you are trading a high draft pick or trading someone with a high Madden value — no matter what you perceive their worth to be — just post about it in the community. You’ll be amazed at what people are willing to offer you.

All rookie members trades must be approved by Trade Committee for the first season. using the same guidelines above. There is no bar on trading 90+ players or 1st round picks.



GM League Local Rules

In this league we are trying to create a management style game. Therefore the most important thing is never play any games under any circumstances. We will therefore be following most of the main rules from the original league on owner mode and trading. However there are some local rules.

You must not play any games, at any point during the league.

CPU trading is allowed, however you can only accept offers from the CPU. You cannot make offers to them. all trades must be approved by a commissioner and accompanied by a photo/screenshot

There is to be no trading with the CPU during the draft.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Moose, or Wayne.